Our Services

Barista on Demand is dedicated to providing the best possible coffee service to our customers. Utilizing proprietary coffee equipment and quality ingredients, we offer our customers fresh-ground coffee and gourmet specialty beverages with a high level of customer service.

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, we understand the need to provide our clients with fresh-ground, great tasting coffee, and flexible equipment solutions to meet their unique needs. Our coffee solutions are designed to taste great and thrill your customers.

Fresh ground coffee tastes better than any other type of coffee and we specialize in bringing this great taste to your property. We offer a number of options for you to consider.  Let us work with you to customize solutions to meet your requirements and budget.

Service Options

  • Full Service Office Coffee Service (OCS): We provide the machines at no cost and ingredients as required (including cups, lids and condiments) and determine a per-drink cost with the client. The client pays and offers the beverages as an amenity for employees or customers
  • Self Service Office Coffee Service (OCS): We provide the machines for a low monthly rental fee. We will sell you our Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans and other ingredients at competitive prices. We also offer cups, lids, half & half, sugar, splenda, nutrasweet, equal, stirrers and other condiments and accessories.